Welcome to Reality Cubed

You may be wondering what exactly Reality Cubed signifies. The purpose of this blog is to track, publish, and commentate on cars, technology, and real estate. Well, I still haven’t answered where the name Reality Cubed came from. I started the blog to document news in real estate (my number 1 passion) and realized I wanted to talk about cars and technology as well, so the tagline: ‘REAL fast cars, REAL cool technology, and REAL estate’ was born. Hence, ‘REAL’ity Cubed.

I’m not exactly sure what direction the blog will take, but since I spend a not insignificant portion of my time reading up on all the latest news regarding real estate, cars, and technology, I figured I’d blend them all together for other like-minded car-guys, techno-freaks, and future real estate moguls (or at least hope to be).

I hope you guys like the site and I’d love to hear any feedback, suggestions, or opinions through the comments or an email to speedyj88@gmail.com.

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